Aleph Retamal

Software Engineer


I'm Aleph Retamal. Developer, designer, and entrepreneur.

I started coding when I was very young (4 years old! 👶). Since then, I have been self-taught in many different subjects. Learning new things and coding are two of my biggest passions. You can learn more about my skills by running the resume() function.

In the past, I've done game developing, web applications, mobile applications, and other cool things in all sort of platforms. You can check some of my code on my GitHub.

Currently, my primary focus is on iOS Development with Swift, but I'm always doing something for the web too. I also spend a lot of time studying Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. I have done a couple of Ethereum contracts and tools to interact with these contracts on iOS. Machine Learning and Information Security are two other topics that I'm also very interested in.

If you want to have a chat, you're welcome to contact me. You can find how by running the contact() function. 😄